Cross country Tasks from Shobdon

The Club and our Visitors are urged to participate in the National Ladder :

  • It's fun!
  • Recording our flights on a national web site gives our Club some visibility and shows that we are active
  • When we fly on days when nobody else does, or go higher, further, or faster it shows the potential of Shobdon
  • It allows us to compete amongst ourselves
  • Hopefully it will encourage us to fly more frequently, go further, go higher, and go faster

There is a new feature on the National Ladder which allows the Club 3 FAI 28% triangular tasks and 3 tasks of any shape to be defined for pre-declared racing tasks.
These are of lengths 100km, 200km, and 300km respectively.

The Club Tasks listed on the My Flights page may be flown in either direction and will always be scored as if they had been pre-declared. They may therefore be used in any of the following ways:

  • To act as a fall-back task in the event that the pilot's primary declared task needs to be abandoned (eg in the case of poorer than expected soaring conditions on the primary task).
  • To act as an additional task if the pilot's primary declared task has been achieved more quickly than expected.
  • To act as a main task if the pilot has not made a declaration but finds after launching that the soaring conditions are much better than expected.

Club Tasks are set up by the Club Ladder Steward (Phil King) at the beginning of the season, and may correspond to club trophy tasks.

It is not expected that Club Tasks will change much, if at all, during the season: in other words, they are to be used only as fallback tasks.

Important Note: Notwithstanding their 'declared' status on the National Ladder, remember that any badge or FAI record claim will still need a separate pre-launch declaration.

Note that if you fly one of these tasks and claim it on the ladder it is scored as if you had declared it. Declared tasks get more points. For example an undeclared flight worth 600 points is worth 1000 points if it is scored as declared. So if you are interested in getting a good score it is well worth declaring your task before you start or choosing one of these pre-declared tasks.

BGA Turnpoints

Tim Newport-Peace has published the updated BGA turning point list for 2010.  You do not have to take any notice of these TPs; however using the current list has some advantages:

  • The exacting work of defining the precise coordinates and the matching ground features has been done for you in advance.
  • If all of us use this set of TPs then we can easily declare the same tasks and share information about our progress as we fly and afterwards.
  • You can load the TP list into your task planning, navigation, and trace analysis software more easily.
  • You can enter your flights onto the BGA national ladder more easily

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