About Herefordshire Gliding Club

We are a small, friendly, members' club open to all, flying from Shobdon Airfield in the beautiful Welsh border country, where we have few airspace restrictions.

Rising air from thermal, ridge or mountain wave lift often give opportunities for long flights.

We are members of the British Gliding Association, an accredited Junior Gliding Centre

As a registered Community Amateur Sports Club, we promote gliding in the local community, accepting Gift Aided donations to help with this work.

Voluntary administration and instruction allow us to keep our charges to a minimum. Our two seat training gliders enable the novice to make quick progress under the supervision of our qualified instructors.

There are no age restrictions, other than that pilots under the age of fourteen are not allowed to fly solo. Pilots taller than 190cm (6'3") will probably not be able to sit in the glider especially if they are long in the back. There is a weight limit of 102kg (16 stones 2lbs).

The hard surface runway allows us to fly every weekend of the year.

All launching is by aerotow, which is by far the safest and most reliable method.

There are social functions, inter club competitions, course weeks, club task weeks, and visiting club weeks.

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